Hello Singapore.

So we’ve done it.

A week of relentless packing, cleaning, and commuting between our soon to be ex-home and my parents is over.

Abandoned to necessity, the boy happily spent most of his days clambering along walls and furniture, knocking over stacking cups and being somewhat bizarrely taught to respond a the request to “show me your tongue”.   Meanwhile, we catalogued our lives as they were logically ordered and placed inside boxes.

We both felt sentimental about leaving the house in which he was born and which we’d likely never see inside of again, but to be frank, we had little time to dwell upon emotions given the task at hand.

Anyway, TCALST, on Wednesday arvo we closed the door for the last time whilst my better 0.5 shed a tear or ten, we then relinquished the keys and set off to spend some quality time with my parents and sister before flying LHR-SIN the next day.

Using car, train and bus to reach Heathrow, then after half a day airborne we finally arrived in Singapore.

We were fortunately allocated a spare seat for “The Boy” who must have slept for at least 8 hours during the flight.  The 0.5 bagged about four, whilst I, as tradition dictates, remained alert or at least in a limbo state of semi-awakeness for the entire journey.

The great irony is that after all 3 of us got to bed at some point after midnight last night, I’m the only one awake as I write this at 10.30am locally!

It was great to see Kiwi Dan who looks like he’s beefed up a bit since last we met.  Admittedly, fatherhood has taken me in the opposite direction as far as musculature chiselmanship is concerned.

As we were all tired, we grabbed a great meal at an open air food court where Dan appeared to be a bit of a local celebrity.  Either that or he had taken a fancy to the 60-year-old waitress who looked remarkably like an oriental, female Don King.

Our first meal away was a sumptuous feast of Prawns, Squid, Crab, Green stuff, rice and spicy noodles served on plastic plates and paper bowls.  The Boy appeared to enjoy it even if he wasn’t so keen on the fact that the only free tables were a bit too close to the kitchens so that his introduction to tropical evenings was even hotter than we had accounted for.

We won’t be feasting like that every day I’m sure, but last night, it really hit the spot.

Dan being Dan, he then took us on a car-based cruise of the local red light district (?!?!?!) providing us with some great insights into the workings, symbolism and classification of the industry.

I might post more about that later, though I do feel I need to do some research on the subject to truly understand it.

Then again, that kind of research would likely result in this trip being cut extremely short!


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I searched, I failed. And then I accidentally found one in Ubud.
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