Yet more crap – Sanur

So far on out trip we have been on a roll as far as accident avoidance is concerned.

Apart from the odd occasion when “The Boy” has decided to pee at an inopportune moment whilst sans nappy, we’ve pretty much maxed out on luck in this department.

Our route so far...

We made our way through Singapore (twice), Pulau Tioman, Borneo, Java and Bali without great incident.

Then it happened.

Only a few days ago whilst enjoying some “airtime” as we call it, he managed to drop his sludgy load all over the floor of the guesthouse in which we were staying.

A loud wail, and then the sight of a tearful young face first alerted me.  The obvious brown smudge marks around his lips were all the confirmation I required.

He had tried his own poo.


With “The Boy” now leading the way in experimentation with new tastes, both the 0.5 and I saw no option but to follow his lead.

So on our last night in Bali and determined not to be upsatged by a one-year-old, we finally got round to doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Upping the ante, I was going to pay for my first taste of poo.

Rounding up our last supper at the very well priced Warung Pregina with the intention of spending bang on all the rupiah we have left, we break with tradition and order a coffee and dessert.

Not just a run of the mill Javan coffee blend though, but a Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world.

Me, warung pregina, a coffee.

Me, warung pregina, a coffee.

Kopi Luwak

The smooth poo'd out taste of Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is a low production variety of coffee produced on only a few Indonesian islands.

Priced at a premium 35,000 Rupiah per shot (to put this in context, our main courses cost the same) the bean differs from most coffee varieties in that firstly, it has been eaten by a cat like creature known as a civet before passing through the digestive tract and then being crapped out in clumps by the animal.

After collection, the defecated droppings, are sun-dried, cleaned and lightly roasted before finally being turned into the steaming hot drink that now sits before us.

I sip it tentatively.

The coffee is aromatic and delicate. Best of all, it doesn’t taste anything at all like I perceive poo to taste.

The 0.5 also tries it.

Neither of us wails from terrorised taste buds.

We decide that “The Boy” is nothing but a drama queen.


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I searched, I failed. And then I accidentally found one in Ubud.
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2 Responses to Yet more crap – Sanur

  1. anuja says:

    Have read about Kopi Luwak but never had a chance to taste it *yet*

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