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Going Underground : The Cu Chi Tunnels

Claustrophobia : The fear of enclosed spaces. Having studied phobias when training in hypnotherapy a few years ago, I developed an interested in the topic of phobic reactions and the underlying mental processes which allow a principally non-threatening event to become … Continue reading

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An orange twist : Saigon

Aside from the Vietnamese of the delta region being rather lacking in stature, the other trait we have frequently commented upon is the disproportionately high number of deformed people we have encountered over the past few days. Puzzled by the … Continue reading

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The silence of S-21: Tuol Sleng

Having met Miss Marsh and her female friend “The G’ster” in Phnom Penh, it was with much foreboding that I suggested we spend a traditional Christmas Eve by way of visiting a genocide museum. Given that both the 0.5 and … Continue reading

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