The return.

OK, so it’s been two years since my blog abruptly ended, so apologies for the silence but please allow me to explain…

Our travel adventure stopped suddenly when whilst in the charming cloth capital of Hoi An, Vietnam I received a call from my sister.

I knew there was bad news because my family never call me unless something is seriously wrong.

It was my mother.  She had been diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer.  I didn’t need an explanation.  I knew immediately that it was terminal.

Seven months later my mother passed away with my dad, my sister and myself at her bedside.

My world and the world of my immediate family had changed forever.

At the time of the phone call I was part way through creating a blog post I had planned to rather lamely name “Suits you Sir!”.  It still sits on my MacBook hard drive, though after the news came through I wasn’t in the frame of mind to cut & paste, let alone write about the plethora of tailors of Hoi An, it’s colourful townsfolk nor the UNESCO protected architecture of the city.

Now, two years on I think it’s time to resurrect the blog.

I have travelled extensively in the interim period.  The UK (of course) several Malaysian islands, a few trips to Thailand, a holiday in Bali, Hong Kong and even Perth, Western ‘Stralia.

I enjoyed each, but never felt inspired enough to get back behind the keyboard.

That was until we visited Nepal.

A hike around the Annapurna region in the shadows of soaring 8000 metre mountains really should have deserved a post or two.

Awe inspiring on the eye, physically demanding on the body and refreshingly removed from the perma-wired necessities of modern city life, our post-Christmas trip to Nepal made me review my silence.

I like writing and I like photography.

I may not be good enough to make a living out of either, but hey, I enjoy it so why not do it?

So here we are.  The return.

I hope it is worthwhile…


About misterkelvin

I searched, I failed. And then I accidentally found one in Ubud.
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1 Response to The return.

  1. Mcfaggen says:

    Looks like 2014 will be the year of literary comebacks. Glad the bug has struck you again.

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