Beer Tasting Notes

As a drinker of real ale, I feel I have a quite developed palate when it comes to the tasting of beer.

I would happily take the Pepsi challenge with say a hop-light Deuchars IPA against the stronger, maltier sip that is Adnams Broadside.

Blindfolded, I’d be confident of differentiating the two brews.

Other, more popular and fizzier beers, I confess to struggling to tell apart, but I was determined to try.

On that basis I have made tasting notes of all the beers I have drunk during my trip around south-east Asia so that potential visitors may clue up on the options before committing.

The beers are catalogued by country in as close to date order as I can recall and the tasting notes are an accurate reflection of my thoughts at the time of drinking.


Tiger Beer : Tastes of lager


Bintang: Tastes of lager

Bali Hai: Tastes of lager


Jaz : Tastes of lager

Tsingtao (China): Tastes of lager

Skol: Tastes of lager

Anglia Shandy: Explodes on the palette like a can of top deck on a hot summers day

San Miguel (Philipines): Tastes of lager

Kingfisher (India): Tastes of lager

Danish Royal Stout: Malty, herby, with a hint of Ginseng.  Fine if you can’t find or refuse to pay a premium for Guinness.


Singha: Tastes of lager

Beer Chang: Tastes of lager

Chang Export: Tastes slightly more of lager than the standard brew

Leo: Tastes of lager

Beerlao (Laos): Tastes of lager


Angkor: Tastes of lager

Anchor: Tastes of lager

Black Panther: It’s a stout, but not as you know it.  At 8.3%, I’d call it “robust”.  Best drunk with a mouthwash chaser.  Impossible to drink more than one.

Cambodia: Tastes of lager

Kingdom Beer: Tastes of lager

Klang: Tastes of Lager


Saigon Green: Tastes of lager

Saigon Red: Tastes of lager

333: Tastes of lager

Hue Beer: Tastes of lager


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